Thank you for visiting Manuscript Maps. In this era of digital cartography, which is utilitarian and often clumsy in design and aesthetic, I put art back into cartography. Inspired by antique maps from centuries ago, all of my maps are drawn by hand with traditional techniques using dip-pens with calligraphic nibs. Each original takes many hours to produce (sometimes well over a hundred!), and I sell signed and numbered prints of my beautiful hand-drawn cartographic creations.

This time-lapse video shows how I draw my maps: planning in detail with pencil, then drawing over in pen. This particular map took two months to make from start to finish!

Future maps that will be for sale include a map of the Yorkshire Ridings, a map of London Theatres, a rum map of the Caribbean, a cheese map of the UK, a Champagne map, and world maps of teas and coffees. If you have any suggestions for future maps, please get in touch!

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